3 Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Hair Loss

We get it – you thought you were doing everything a head of hair could want – fun nights out on the town with your fabulous friends, quiet nights in just the two of you, regular washing and conditioning, loving brushing.

So it’s only natural you were caught off-guard when your hair started playing up. First, it was the split ends and dry frizz; then this turned into, snapping, breaking, and eventually disappearing altogether. So what’s a girl to do when her locks seem to be, er, cooling on her?

Well, if you’ve spotted tell-tale signs, like a widening of your hair part, a receding hairline around your forehead and temples, or just that you need to twist your hair band around one more time when pulling it into a pony, it’s time to put away the Ben & Jerry’s. First up, know that thinning hair is relatively common. As a guide, on average a daily hair loss of around 50-100 strands of hair per day is to be expected – and beyond this, your strands are likely stressed out, and in need of a little extra TLC.

So if this is you, here are a few new moves to try: 

1. Turn down the heat

When you’re styling your hair with your curling tong or straightener, promise us this one thing: you’ll keep tabs on the heat setting. We know, we know, the hotter it is, the quicker you can jump into an Uber – but if you hear that telltale sizzling sound, that’s your hair crying out for help, so don’t ignore it – dial down the heat a tad. Regularly frying your locks causes the bonds in your hair to break, which is never a good thing. If you’ve got fine hair (you know who you are) this especially applies to you – so don’t turn it up higher than the medium setting. And if you’re blow-drying? Never use a heat setting that’s too hot for the palm of your hand (oh, and air-dry hair whenever possible. Yep, we know you’re not that busy, gorgeous).

2. Cover up

It’s not just the heat radiating from your styling tools that gets your hair all in a bother – UV exposure can stress out your strands just the way your curler can. So, as well as common-sense moves like parking your sweet toosh in the shade instead of the sun when settling in for those Sunday arvo sessions, try adding a UV protectant to your morning routine when the temps are up. If the damage is done? Whip out a hair repair serum and spray it in the direction of your head, quick smart. We may be a little biased, but we like this one.

3. Meditation

Some cases of greater-than-normal hair loss can be attributed to stress. So if you’ve recently suffered a life-upending event such as a bad breakup, job loss or death or a loved one, there’s a chance this could be contributing to a sparser-than-normal situation up top. This is because severe or prolonged stress triggers hair follicles to go into a resting state, which means they stop growing. Think this might be you? Let us remind you that regular meditation can help manage stress levels – and best of all, though it can sound intimidating if you’re not a regular, all meditation really involves is sitting in a comfy spot and… doing nothing. Count us in! 

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