5 Hair Trends You Need To Know About

Having the same hairstyle for five years? No thanks!

Last year we had a go at baby bangs, embraced exciting new shades and experimented with a modern version of the mullet and in 2019 we are seeing a variety of new trends and some serious inspiration overload. 

If you haven’t given some of the following styles a shot, now could be the time to embrace the new you.

Adult Accessories

Not just for children, hair accessories are flooding our feeds and gracing the carpets of Met Gala and fashion runways.

Jazz up your look with diamante hair slides with eye-catching words, statement ribbons, bows or colourful clips. Our hair is no longer taking a back seat so have fun experimenting and go crazy.

Luscious Volume

A concern for most women is lack of women, flat and lifeless hair is not pretty, especially when you're planning a big night out. 

One major inspiration for va-va-voom hair was the Versace pre-fall runway earlier this year and now everywhere you look people are desperately looking for ways to increase volume.

The easiest (and cheapest) way to achieve this is to buy a can of volumising hairspray or styling powder – and then all of the hard work is done for you. 

Blunt Bobs 

This clean and sharp look is all a part of the 70s revival and has been sported by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss, two women who are often leading trends and look so good doing it.

To nail this trend tell your hairdresser you want to move away from layered hair towards a blunt, sharp and stylish finish.

This is more precise than the mid-length bob that was so popular last year. You’re scared of going this short? Go on babe, we know you can do it.

And if you’re scared that this style won’t suit your face shape, hair professionals have said it flatters absolutely everyone, so you can’t go wrong!

Scandi Blonde

Scandi blonde is a fancy way of saying the purest of blonde possible, with some calling it as almost ‘pearl white’.

Scandi refers to a clean and icy look and this colour suits those with cooler and fairer skin tones. Daenerys Targaryen anyone?

Dirty Blonde with shadowy roots

With all of us hustling hard, hair that is low maintenance but still stylish is the absolute dream; don’t worry, we hear you!

Luckily this isn’t hard to achieve as one way to do this is by going darker at the root than at the mid-lengths of the hair.

This is an easy way to move away from sun-bleached hair from summer and shouldn’t be confused with obvious regrowth.

The look screams chic, not cheap.

And if all of the above doesn't inspire you, check out these 5 hair celebrity hacks here.

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