5 Reasons Your Hair Is Dry

Are you dealing with frizz, brittle strands and a general lack of that glossy shine you’re coveting? Well, we spoke to your hair and she told us she’s thirsty. In fact, she’s desperately in need of a margarita little TLC. Yep, and this is an issue because if your locks are parched, they’re not going to be on their A-game. So, in the name of good hair days all round, we’ve shared the five main reasons your hair is dry – and what you can do about it to get your hair game back on point. 

1) You’re over-washing

It can be tempting to wash your hair every time you step in the shower – that way, you’ll never have to deal with a greasy situation up top, right? Well, experts say that shampooing your hair too frequently can actually upset the scalp’s microbiome, which disrupts the optimal PH balance up there and strips your locks of the natural oils that help keep them hydrated. While there’s no magic number, as it’s largely dependent on your hair type, try gradually reducing the number of times you wash your hair per week and observe if it makes a difference.

2) Your shampoo is all wrong

What’s in your shampoo matters just as much as how often you use it. Many hair care products contain ingredients that will in fact serve to dry out your hair – such as fragrances, high concentrations of alcohol and sulphates (but you already knew they were a no-no, right?). Hot tip: SLS is a commonly used sulphate to look out for and avoid. If you think your current shampoo is drying out your hair, try switching to one that is paraben and sulphate-free, and contains nourishing essential oils such as argan oil.

3) Heat styling is wreaking havoc

Those bangin’ waves make your hair look great, right? Well… in the short term, yes. Long-term? Your tongs (and blow drier and straightener, while we’re at it) are frying your strands – and drying them out, big time. We know you probably already know this one, so we’ll keep it brief: use the minimum heat setting required and apply a Heat Protectant Spray whenever you heat style.

4) You’ve got environmental damage

Now, chances are you’ve just been going about your days, doing your thing – yet have you also been happily, blindly oblivious to the fact that the environment around you might be damaging your hair? Yep, everyday factors like sun exposure, chlorinated swimming pools and air pollution can result in dry, brittle strands. So, while we’re not saying you should hide out in a lady cave for the sake of your hair, we are saying that if you’re exposed to any of these on a regular basis, it’s well worth bestowing some extra TLC on your mane to ensure it doesn’t end up parched, brittle and a far cry from the lush locks you’ve been coveting.

5) You’re not applying treatments

You wash it (but not too often), you condition it and brush it – so you consider yourself a responsible owner of hair, right? Well. You’ve ticked off the basics, yes, but the truth is if you want above-average hair game, then you’ll need to deliver above-average care to said hair, too. Applying a regular treatment to your hair is one of the best ways to ensure it stays hydrated. This matters, because the more hydrated your locks, the shinier, softer and more abundant they’ll be. Now, we may be a little biased, but if you haven’t jumped on board the treatments bandwagon already, we’d highly recommend our very own Rapid Repair Serum – consider this beauty the ultimate fix-it potion for dry, damaged and thinning hair. Yours will thank you (and possibly, stop demanding margaritas to quench her thirst) – promise. 

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