5 Things That Cause Thinning Hair and Breakage

Wash it, condition it, brush it, and you’re good to go, right? Well, not exactly. Turns out there are a bunch of everyday things you’re probably doing that stand between you and the thick, gorgeous hair-for-days you’re coveting. Yep, they could be contributing to hair breakage and thinning locks. So, we spoke to your hair about what she wishes you’d quit and this is what she told us. 

1. Brushing me when I’m wet

Just like a piece of paper, hair is stretchier and more prone to breakage when wet. So, when it’s pulled about here, there and everywhere with your hairbrush (no matter how gently, gently you go) after a shower or swim, your hair’s heart shaft is quietly breaking. We know, you’re very busy and important with places to go, but let it air dry as long as you can before whipping out the brush after your shower (much too busy for that? Try washing at night and let it dry during your pre-bed scrolling sesh). 

2. Frying me with styling tools

We know you know this, but we’re going to remind you anyway: heat and your hair will never be friends. Excessively high temperatures strip your strands of moisture and may even cause the bonds to fracture. And the finer your hair, the more it will be affected. So, when using heated styling tools – think your curling tongs, GHD and blow drier – always, always use a heat protector spray.  

3. Washing me too much

Wash, rinse, repeat, right? Well – actually, getting too lather-happy can lead to hair breakage, because it can strip your scalp of its natural oils before they’ve had time to travel down your strands, causing your locks to dry out and become brittle. The result? They’ll break easily and you’ll be left with a thinning mane. So if you’re washing every day, try every second day instead. You’ll still look gorgeous. Promise. (And, you’ll score an extra 10 minutes’ snooze time).

4. Bleaching me

The chemicals in hair bleach will make your hair brittle and weak. This equals hair breakage and thinning. Can’t break up with your blonde? Promise us you’ll at least do this one thing to make up for your haircare sins: use a regular deep-conditioning treatment mask.

5. Bathing me in chemicals

Fancy a swim in a sea of sulphates and parabens? Nope and neither does your hair. So if you’ve been lathering up with whatever shampoo jumps out at you from the shelf, without so much as a squiz at the label, it’s time to up your game. Chances are, you’ve been unwittingly dousing your locks in chemicals and other nasties that can leave it brittle, frizzy and your scalp irritated (not a recipe for optimal hair growth!). So, opt for a hair product that’s formulated with fewer nasties and more natural, organic goodies. Look for ingredients like argan oil, which hydrates and heals split ends, and seaweed extract, which can promote hair growth. Because you should feel refreshed and cleansed after washing your hair – not like you’ve just poured the contents of a petri dish over your head.

Guilty of all of the above? We hear you! It’s not too late to kiss and make up with your hair, trust us – get your hands on products she’ll love here.

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