A Lazy-girl's Guide to Fabulous Hair

We get it. Sometimes you aren’t in the mood to spend a full hour in front of the mirror curling, straightening, applying face serums, doing makeup and getting dolled up to leave the house for a few, simple errands. If this sentiment hits close to home, say no more. The BondiBoost Team have put together the perfect ‘Lazy-girl's Guide to Fabulous Hair’, and it can be accomplished from the comfort of your bed in under one-minute #hellyes! 

Spritz the grease away:
Your natural hair may look incredible, or heat-styling efforts from days prior could still be in-tact but, Hunny, NO ONE's hair looks good when it’s grease-monkey central. Oily, slick hair is not a #vibe and certainly doesn’t help your fabulous hair cause. 

If an early AM shower followed by blow-drying and heat-styling isn’t going to make the agenda this morning, opt for a dry shampoo/styling powder as your next best option. 

Designed for hair that has gone one-too-many days without a ‘freshen’, dry shampoo soaks up excess oils in the scalp, helping hair appear fresh and clean. Aim to use a dry shampoo that doubles as a styling powder. This allows for volume and life to be bought back to your locks in an instant. 

The best part is you can apply dry shampoo anywhere, anytime (even in your bed). Spray powder directly onto hair along sectioned roots as needed. Wait a few minutes, then comb or tousle through.

Hat hair is better than bed hair:
It's a big statement, we know. But in all seriousness, if you are in a time-jam and styling hair is the last thing on your mind, a hat is a great way to hide those unsightly morning locks. What’s more, hats can add another dimension and layer to your outfit, making it appear like you have put in way more effort (if only people knew the reality lol). 

With a plethora of options like bakers-boy caps, beanies, bucket hats, boaters or wide-brimmed sun hats, there is a hat option for any look, occasion or season. Don’t have time to even brush your hair? A funky hat is your heaven-sent answer to looking fabulous! 

Get #salty with it:
Salt BAE where you at? It’s a hair emergency, and we need you A-stat! 
Applying a salt spray is a time savvy option if you're looking to style your hair with minimum effort. 

Sea salt sprays give body and matte texture to hair. Easily applied in little to no time, they can create the effortlessly chic, undone look that is trending at the moment. Spritz damp or dry hair from root to tip, or, for or extra volume, just hit the roots.
It’s a high-knot life:
Ok, this is a last-resort type of option. If you are really on a time-crunch or can’t be f#$’d to face the music and come to terms with the fact that you need to wash your hair, a top-knot bun is a viable option. 

Easily achievable with minimum effort, you can always opt to pop in a few hair clips or accessories to jazz your bun up and make it look as if you have put a lot more thought and effort than you have. 

So what do you say? Doesn’t seem too hard, right? Fabulous, gram-worthy hair is still achievable for the ‘lazy’ or ’time-poor’ girl. Comment down below your favourite #hairhacks for time-sensitive situations; we’d love to know! 

Like the idea of a new salt #bae in your life? Click HERE to view BondiBoost’s weightless Salt Spray. Trust us, we know a thing or two about the beach, we are #BondiBabes after all! 

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