Are Paraben and Sulphate Shampoos Better For Your Hair?

Have you found yourself scrolling through shampoo labels, wondering if the word ‘paraben and sulphate free’ on the bottle actually means anything to your hair? After all, surely she’s not fussed by labels, and will be happy as pie as long as she’s squeaky clean once your shower’s done, right?

Well… Actually, there are quite a few powerful benefits of sulphate and paraben free hair products that your locks will probably thank you for. For starters, by choosing shampoo and conditioner with fewer preservatives, you’re effectively dodging a whole host of nasties that are often swimming around in the bottles of traditional hair care products.

And the other amazing thing about adding less nasties to your cart? You’ll likely also be topping up your locks with a whole host of delicious, good-for-you ingredients that have been added to the formula in place of their less natural pals.

Read on for a round-up of just some of the nasties you can say buh-bye to by ditching traditional hair products for organic hair care.

Parabens, Be Gone

You probably know they’re on the naughty list – but are parabens really that bad? Well, parabens – which are added to many traditional products as preservatives – have been found to have a whole host of negative side effects. For starters, parabens in products such as shampoos and conditioners have been known to act as a skin irritant. Red, scratchy cheeks after washing your hair? No, thanks.

What’s more, the chemicals in parabens mimic oestrogen, which can cause other complications. In fact, some studies have linked parabens to a higher risk of reproductive problems and cancer.

And just like you wouldn’t chow down on a meal containing these type of ingredients, it’s wise not to put them on your body either! Remember that ingredients in your hair care products can also be absorbed through your skin, so what’s inside those bottles matters – big time.  

See Ya, Sulphates

Another non-natural ingredient that you’d be wise to ban from your shower caddy is sulphates. In shampoos, they’re typically used as a foaming agent that will get your hair feeling that sudsy feeling you get when you wash it using a paraben filled product. But while lathering up might make you feel like you’re getting your locks all squeaky clean, in actual fact, that can be not such a good thing. Why? Well, over time, sulphates can dehydrate your hair and scalp – cue hair that’s brittle, thinning or breaking. Oh, and they can also act as an irritant, too. Remember that if you’re scanning labels, not all sulphates will be easily detected – but a common one to look out for in shampoos is SLS, which stands for sodium lauryl sulphate.

Hello, Natural Hair Products

Want your crowning glory to feel as good as it looks? Going natural as much possible means your scalp is less likely to end up dry and irritated after you wash and condition your hair. Now, while natural hair care products aren’t made equal, and you’ll probably want to check the label to make sure it’s full of the good stuff (and none of the nasties), it’s a good bet that choosing a more natural shampoo and conditioner will mean you don’t need to stress about putting any harmful chemicals onto (and into) your body.

Remember that sulphate free shampoos won’t get as foamy – but that doesn’t mean they’re not working to clean your hair just as well. In fact, as well as gently removing dirt and oils, it will keep your scalp soothed and your hair hydrated – and ready to do her thing without nasties cramping her style.  

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