Are two shampoos better than one? The science of the perfect hair wash

What is the correct way to wash your hair? Do you shampoo once or twice? Do you massage your scalp or concentrate on your roots? Cold or hot water? The questions are endless! If you often find yourself in the constant jungle of Q’s that is your hair washing routine, just sit back and relax… We’ve debunked all the myths and questions, so you can cut the c#@p (or grease in this sitch), and head into your shower with the perfect hair washing routine!

Pre Shower (it’s a thing!)
Before we even start to think about what you’re doing in the shower, we need to turn our attention to hair treatments and pre-shower products. These products are designed to be used once a week, to give your hair that extra bit of TLC. Think of hair masques, scrubs, deep conditioners and elixir oils. These babies are definitely worth the hype!

These products certainly pack a punch when it comes to their nutrient-rich ingredient list! Game changers in this line of products will include ingredients such as avocado, coconut, walnut, argan and castor oil. All these oils are worshipped for their high Omega-3 counts and boast a magnitude of A ++ vitamins (think A & E), scientifically proven to repair and nurture the chains of protein your hair is made out of.

Choo Choo! All aboard Shampoo Train
Now to de-bunk the ultimate shower question… do you shampoo once or twice?
The answer isn’t black and white, rather shades of grey. It all depends on how often you are washing your hair and if you use styling products in your hair.

If the answer is the later, or you only wash your hair 1-2 times a week, one wash often isn't enough to break down all the residue and product build-up left behind from hairspray, styling mousse etc. When you wash your hair twice, the first round gets rid of the exterior gunk, while the second round actually cleans your locks.

Conditioner… you #slay!
Its namesake says it all really… Conditioner ‘conditions’ your hair. Its purpose in your hair washing routine is to improve the feel, appearance and controllability of your hair. By nourishing your strands with soothing ingredients, conditioner adds the shine and soft feel we’ve come to envy in our plight for ultimate #hairgoals.

Our top tip with conditioner is to let it soak and sink into your roots after application. Give your hair 3-5 minutes in the shower to really absorb all the nutrients of your conditioner. Ladies, let’s really give your hair all the love it deserves!

Don’t just leave it in the shower!
Think once you’ve turned the tap off you’re done? WRONG! You’re missing a vital step in the perfect hair wash! Applying an after-shower leave-in hair treatment is key when striving for totally insta-worthy locks. These products are ace in adding extra nutrients, shine and life into your hair.

Look out for treatments containing ingredients such as vitamin B5, peppermint and tea tree essential oil - these guys are #killer!

So there you have it. Your perfect shower routine practically laid out on a silver platter. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

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