Eat these 5 foods every day for amazing hair

It’s a new week and a new chance to get those #hairgoals back on track! Apart from the products you put on your hair, diet plays a major role in the overall health of your locks.

But what should you be eating for gorgeous, shiny strands? We’ve scoured the supermarket aisles and narrowed down our top five foods that aid in beautiful, healthy and robust hair; keep reading!

The BondiBoot Team’s Pantry + Fridge Staples!
1. Salmon
Not only incredibly delish and oh so boujeé, salmon is also kingpin when it comes to providing a hearty amount of Omega-3 fatty acids; hair’s no.1 fan!

Omega3’s are deemed ‘essential’ as they are crucial in maintaining a properly functioning body. However, humans can’t actually produce this nutrient naturally; making it imperative to source from our diets. In addition to adding sheen and luster to hair, maintaining decent omega-3 levels in your diet prevents dry, itchy, flaky scalps and is beneficial in reversing hair loss.

If you’re looking for a great way to incorporate salmon into your diet check out our latest The Healthy-haired Chef recipe, for Herby Salmon Patties - they’re already an office favourite!

2. Walnuts

Lots of us here at BB HQ are veggo or vegan, so it’s no surprise to see us munching on walnuts all day long. Just like salmon, walnuts are extremely rich in the Omega-3s.

If you follow a vegetarian/ vegan diet or simply don’t like seafood, snack on a few walnuts every day for a healthy daily dose of plant-based Omega3s.

3. Avocado

As an Aussie company, it’s it comes at no shock that we LOVE our avocados. Smashed on toast for breaky, mixed through salad at lunch or the perfect accompaniment to dinner, you can almost bet the BB team will incorporate this amazing fruit in our diet daily!

Most people know that avocados are high in heart-loving monounsaturated fats (great for hair moisture too), but what you might not know is that avos are also extremely rich in Vitamin E.

Bursting with antioxidants, Vitamin E diminishes the number of free radicals and oxidative stress that cause the hair follicle cells to break down. This breakdown contributes to hair loss, so ensuring you’re getting enough vitamin E can aid in maintaining hair growth.

4. Berries

Who doesn’t love berries? These moreish, flavourful fruits are bursting with as many antioxidants as they are flavour; and your hair absolutely loves them!

One of the many nutrients found in berries is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a key component used by the body to create a protein known as collagen. Collagen’s amino acids help strengthen the skin that contains your hair roots and build hair proteins, making them essential for hair growth.

Collagen has also been linked in aiding preventive hair effects such as follicle damage and greying.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli; where do we begin? This dark green veggie has gained some serious ‘street cred’ in the health industry and for a good reason! A powerful source of Vitamin C (benefits explained above), this delicious plant also packs a high protein hit. In fact, per calorie, broccoli actually contains more protein than steak!

Protein is essential for hair strength for several reasons. The main reason is that your hair is predominately made up of its own unique protein called Keratin. So, naturally, the hair will thrive off extra protein consumed through the diet, aiding in balancing hair’s moisture and keeping the strength of your locks intact.

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