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A plump pout is totally on the menu for perfectly, kissable lips this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve got a hot date to get ready for or are spending the night single lady style with your ‘galentines’, smooth and shiny lips can really up confidence levels, bringing that touch of pizzaz to your vibe. 

If you’re in the market for fuller lips that are plump and juicy but don’t want to go down the root of fillers, you’ve come just to the right place. We’ve nutted out four, simple, at-home remedies to help those lips get extra juicy just in time for V-Day! 

1. Brush, brush, brush
Brushing? Surely we’ve got it wrong! You can’t brush lips; there’s no hair on them? 

Well, our darling #boostbabes, you actually can brush lips, and it could be your secret weapon to the perfect smooch! All you need is a clean, unused toothbrush that is dry. Simply take the toothbrush and start scrubbing/brushing lips in small circular motions. 

When dry brushing, blood circulation and volume in the lips is increased. This creates a temporary ‘plump’ look, aiding in a fuller effect. Brushing lips also removes dead skin cells from the lip’s surface. This smoothes the skin, leaving you with soft, supple and totally kiss-worthy lips #winwin! 

2. Leave it to Cupid’s Bow
Everybody wants to be struck with Cupid’s infamous bow on Valentine’s Day, but what if we told you you already have one of your own; and it could be the answer to bigger lips? 

Your Cupid’s bow is the double curve found at the highest point of the top lip in the middle. Thought to resemble the mythical fable’s ‘Cupid’s bow’, those with large bows in their lips generally appear to have fuller, larger lips due to the feature’s curves. 

Highlighting the small area of skin above the Cupid’s bow with pearlescent makeup is a great trick to keep up your sleeve when trying to create a fuller lip effect. Highlighting any area of the face (cheekbones, nose, etc.) makes that area stand out as the human eye is attracted to light. By highlighting your Cupid’s bow, the round shape of the top lip is exaggerated, thus creating a plumper look. 

3. Go outside the lines 
Staying on the makeup train (it’s almost Valentine’s Day after all), it is time to talk about lip liner. Before applying lipstick, grab a lip liner close to, or the same shade of your lipstick, and line your lips. However, make sure to outline just above your natural lip edge. This adds overall volume to your lip’s size while still appearing natural and believable. Finish up by applying the same colored lipstick onto the entire area and BAM! Bigger lips in an instant. 

14. Try a temporary lip plumper 
Investing in a temporary lip plumper is a fantastic alternative to lip injections/ fillers. Not only are they surgery, procedure and needle-free, but they are also temporary, so you aren’t stuck with the possibility of permanently botching your lips! 

Lip plumpers work through key, active ingredients that stimulate blood flow naturally in the lips, therefore achieving a ‘fuller’ effect. Aim to find a lip plumper that is ‘as natural as possible’, with an ingredient list you can understand and is not too long. 

Key ingredients to look for are peppermint + cinnamon bark oils and capsicum extract. These ingredients naturally boast circulation-enhancing properties and are very effective at adding that temporary boost to your lips. 

What’s more, lip plumpers also double as a gloss, making those lips look as shiny and kissable as ever - pucker up boys! 

Pssst! For the perfect pout take a peek at the BondiBoost Lip Plumper. Our zesty formulation means you’ll feel the tingle straight away, with each application lasting up to 20-30 minutes - perfect for a decent pash session!


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