Friday night plans sorted; A Boosty’s guide to the ultimate pamper night!

Thank God It’s Friday, are we right ladies? Now we don’t know about you gal pals but this Friday is all about relaxation and pampering! Want to know what The Boosty Team’s top picks are for the perfect Friday PM pamper night? Keep reading!

Step 1:
First things first, remove the bra! Is it just us or is there nothing better (euphoric almost) than taking your bra off after a long, hard day at work (or week in this case!) Let those puppies free and rejoice, the perfect Friday evening is already off to a flying start!

Step 2:
Now to get the ambience #slaying and make your environment feel as nice as your bra-less boobs do. Whip out your favourite candle and get #lit baby! After all, candles are the universal symbol of romance and you should defs show yourself so self-driven love!

Step 3:
Time for one of our fav topics… food! But not just any food, we’re talking takeaway soul food. Go on… pick up that phone… go on postmates and order the large pizza with garlic bread (obvs) all for yourself with #noregrets! P.s make sure there’s a tub of ice cream in the freezer too. You can’t have a pamper night without dessert! And we’re talking boujeé ice-cream too - only tubs $10.00 or higher please!

Step 4:
While your food is on its way its time to select the evening's entertainment. Your free to choose whatever genre of movie you're into #youdoyouboo but you can never go past a sloppy, cheesy, rom-com for the ideal Friday night 'you-sesh'.

Step 5:
Last but certainly not least we turn to beauty. We mean, would it even be called a self-pamper night without it?

Head straight to your bathroom vanity and grab your favourite hair treatment or hair mask. These products are designed to be used once a week to give your roots a serious dose of TLC, so a self-indulgent evening seems like the perfect excuse to whip this bad boy out!

Our recommendation? Glad you asked!

Try the Bondi Boost ‘Growth Miracle Mask’ for a hair treatment like no other. This was is jam-packed full of nutritious oils including argan (a potent natural moisturizer), Abyssinian (intensely hydrating), macadamia (strengthening), castor (said to help reduce hair fall) and jojoba (helps to fight frizz). Plus, it smells like candy canes so you’ll smell just as good as you feel!

Pssst… pop this mask in your cart now by heading to our e-boutique HERE. Go on, #treatyoself and get your next pamper session in the works!

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