Get prepped for Valentine’s Day | Our BB Glam Guide

The biggest day of the year for love-birds is just around the corner. Yes, if you haven’t already guessed from the abundance of red roses, supermarket chocolate specials and heart-shaped everything, Valentine’s Day is coming whether you’re ready for it or not.

With many of the Boost Team gearing up for a romantic candlelit dinner, we can already sense a slight air of stress when thinking about our picture-perfect date look.

So this got us thinking; What is the ultimate date-prep routine?

Keep reading to find out precisely what the BB Team will be doing the night before, and day of, our V-day Dates!


Step 1: 
Now, ladies, we’re aiming to blow our dates over when they see us; and shiny, pearlescent locks are just the key. The night before our date, we can’t go past our Elixir Oil as the perfect pre-shower treatment for silky and radiant hair.

Applied to damp hair, we’ll let it sink into the scalp for 15 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time to exfoliate our whole body, ready for a layer of fake tan after showering; #bronzedgoddess!

Step 2:
For an extra #BOOST of pizzaz to our hair, we’ll opt to swap the HG Conditioner for the Growth Miracle Mask when it comes time for conditioner.

This weekly treatment mask is packed with nutritious oils that fight frizz (tick), hydrates (tick), adds moisture (tick), helps shine (tick), strengthens (tick) and reduces hair loss (tick, tick, tick).

Step 3:
With our hair well on its way to #hairgoal status, it’s time to turn our attention to perfecting our skin. Now, we don’t want to sound too harsh, but blackheads can be a total #moodkiller on a date, really affecting confidence levels.

You can bet the BB team will be applying a face mask the night before our dates to remove dead skin and toxins from our pores. 


 Step 4:
Time for glam! We’re talking hair, makeup, outfit, the whole package baby! The first thing we’ll be putting on our face is the BB Lash & Brow Serum; for an extra touch of luxury.

Applied to clean lids in the AM, the nourishing blend of Jamaican black castor, coconut and argan oils will help lashes/ brows appear fuller, longer and shinier #naturalbeauty!

Step 5:
Now for our favourite topic; our hair! A special date calls for one thing and one thing only…Waves baby! We want to look effortlessly chic, and our Sea Salt Spray is just what the doctor ordered for this type of vibe.

Spritzing all over, from roots to ends, the miracle powers of Australian Sea Salt create perfect boho waves without any frizz - and in seconds too!

Step 6:
Last but certainly not least, we want our lips to look next level #pashworthy. Our Lip Plumper is the perfect product for a temporary pout-plump that is sure to make our dates go weak at the knees!

Pssst! We’ve done all the hard steps for you and combined most of our Valentine’s essentials into one fabulous bundle! Our HG Bundle, includes the HG Shampoo & Conditioner, Intensive Growth Serum, Hair Mask and Elixir Oil. Go one step further and get your hands on the Sea Salt Spray, to top the look off completely! 

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