Haircut Horror Story!

We’ve all been there. You went into the salon for a trim and came out with a full-on haircut! Yes, the hair-dresser has ad-libbed and given you what they want instead of what you want - we’ve all been there!
#BoostBabe, wipe those tears, we’re here to help. Keep reading to see our top tips for quick hair growth!

1. Invest in a hair growth formulated Shampoo & Conditioner
Specially formulated hair growth shampoos and conditioners are an amazing first step to recover those gorgeous, long locks after a trip to scissor town. Don’t get us wrong, your hair will still grow without these products but if you’re looking for accelerated hair growth this is a must!

Aim for products that are formulated with natural ingredients. These will not only aid in hair growth but also maintain your hair’s overall health and strength, something that should always be a top priority!

Stinging Nettle is a great ingredient to look out for when purchasing growth targeted haircare products. Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine, stinging nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulphur. This helps in making hair shinier and healthier, promoting rapid hair re-growth.

Not only perfect for roast potatoes, rosemary oil is also truly a wonder product in the hair department. Rosemary Oil is amazing at promoting cellular generation. This forces new cells to grow, promoting longer hair and thicker strands.

2. Always go to bed with dry hair, left out.
You probably have never even thought about the effects your ‘hair-sleep’ habits have when looking at hair growth, but stay with us, there is definite merit behind this concept.

Your hair is at it’s most vulnerable when it is wet because the shafts are weighed down with little to no elasticity. Going to bed with wet hair increases the chances of hair loss and hair snapping as the friction on your pillow caused by movement during sleep damages and breaks fragile, wet strands.

The same applies to those who sleep with their hair tied up. Having hair tied back normally pulls at the roots, so you can just imagine what can happen when tied hair rubs against a pillow - yikes! Our recommendation? Always go to bed with dry hair, worn down and loose to prevent as much breakage and further loss as possible. Every strand counts in the race for hair growth!

3. Try a hair growth supplement
More is more, especially when it comes to expedited hair growth! Adding hair growth supplements or gummies are a great addition to aid your hair growth goals. Jam-packed with hair-loving vitamins and nutrients, supplements are an easy way to ensure you are giving your hair the best chance possible to grow, grow grow, by feeding it an abundance of vitamins it thrives off!

4. Pamper your scalp
Heard of the term, “healthy hair starts at the roots”? The BB Team are here to confirm that this statement couldn’t be truer if it tried! Maintaining impeccable scalp health is a key factor in promoting hair growth. As the roots of your hair come out of your scalp, the equation is simple. Healthy scalp = healthy roots = accelerated hair growth.

To ensure your scalp is in its ultimate prime condition it's important to make sure it is moisturized, hydrated and nourished. Investing in a concentrated daily scalp treatment is an easy way to be certain your head is always happy and thriving. Superstar ingredients to look out for in these types of products include vitamin B5, peppermint and tea tree essential oil. These products all promote cellular regeneration and capillary stimulation, which is a must for new hair follicles to grow!

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