How To Grow Out a Bad Hair Cut, ASAP

That moment when you entrust your crowning glory into your hair stylist’s hands, settle back in your spinny chair and bury your cute head in a pile of mags until… $%#(! You look up and discover that a LOT more of your hair has been hacked off than was agreed when you and your stylist had your little pre-cut chat.

Once your initial freak-out has simmered a little, it’s time for a game plan. And luckily, aside from investing in a wig, there are a number of tried-and-tested things you can do to help your hair along a little in her quest to grow back to her former glory. Here’s four of them.

  1. Eat Your Hair’s Favourite Foods

Haven’t asked your hair lately what she wishes you’d add to your plate? We’re here to tell you she’s hankering for some sweet potato. Yep, these little nuggets of goodness are gold when it comes to boosting hair growth. This is because sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, which may promote faster-growing, thicker hair.

Oh, and she’d also like a serve of salmon. This nutrient-rich fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which research has linked to hair growth, plus Vitamin D and magnesium, both of which are essential for healthy locks. 

  1. Lay Off The Heat Styling

Before you rush off to rectify the situation with some strategically placed waves, back up – and remember that heat styling can seriously hinder hair growth. Essentially, high temperatures can cause the bonds in your strands to fracture, making your hair weaker, more brittle and much more likely to break off before it’s had a chance to grow. Can’t part with your tongs? Use a low or medium heat setting and always, always apply a heat protectant spray beforehand. 

  1. Get Reacquainted With Meditation

Haven’t opened that Headspace app since the night you downloaded it? It might be worth getting back into meditation. Because, while the damage has already been done in the hairdresser’s chair, it’s worth pulling out all the stops to keep the hair you do still have in the best state it can be – and help it grow back as fast as possible. Now, we all know meditating can seriously reduce stress – but did you know that stress can actually trigger your hair follicles to go into a resting state? Yep, and this – you guessed it – means they’ll stop growing. So, it follows that if you want your hair to grow back, asap, a little meditation will up your chances (and at the very least, help calm that haircut-induced trauma). 

  1. Get a trim

Now, before you throw your phone across the room, breathe – we’re not talking today, tomorrow, or even next week. But it is a good idea to keep up regular appointments with a hairdresser (say, every six or eight weeks) for a trim. It may seem counterintuitive, but regular (and, of course, minimal) dates with a pair of scissors will help ward off split ends – which are the last thing you want when you’re trying to grow out a bad haircut, as they’ll likely lead to breakage and even more hair loss.  

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