How To Improve Dandruff

Got dandruff? Maybe you’ve spotted a few suspicious white flakes hanging out on your shoulders. Or maybe, you tousle your hair and it looks like an avalanche has hit. Yep, regardless of the severity, most of us have dealt with this pesky, often itchy and decidedly un-sexy scalp condition at some point. But that doesn’t mean you have to simply grin and bear it (and maybe donate all of your black tops to Vinnies in the process).

First up, it’s worth getting our heads around why we get dandruff in the first place.

According to experts, dandruff, which presents as white flakes on the scalp, appears when your scalp produces too much oil. This can be caused by dry skin (which can signal the scalp to produce more oil to compensate), not washing your hair enough, nutritional deficiencies or stress. The result of all of this? A yeast will build up on your scalp, causing those white flakes.

Watch Your Intake Of Carbs And Sugars

Now, we’re definitely not about to tell you to cut the carbs altogether (sometimes a girl just needs some sourdough in her life) but if you’re experiencing dandruff, it’s worth being aware that a high intake of sugars and carbs can contribute to the condition. This is because these foods create the perfect skin environment for that dandruff-causing yeast to feast on – so it could be worth cutting down for the sake of good hair days.

Wash Your Hair More

Now, if you’re a regular Bondi Boost reader, you’ll know that in general, we advise against washing your hair too often. However, if you’re dealing with dandruff, upping the frequency of your dates with your shampoo bottle may in fact help ease the condition. This is because regular washing, say a few times a week depending on your hair type, can reduce the build-up of oils and flakes on your scalp. 

Use A Targeted Shampoo

If you’re at all serious about getting rid of your dandruff, then any old supermarket shampoo won’t cut it. Yep, it’s crucial to start using a specifically formulated Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner to get that snowy situation up top under control. Look for a product that contains clever goodies like flaxseed oil for reducing inflammation, argan oil for hydration and peppermint to soothe and cool that itchy, irritated scalp.

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