Is Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair?

What Is Dry Shampoo And How Does It Work?

Now, let’s be honest – we’re all busy, important ladies with texts to return, Netflix to binge and emails to answer. So, if there’s a corner we can cut, show us the way and we’ll be there with the scissors. Skipping that extra 10 minutes in the shower every few days in favour of a quick spritz of dry shampoo as we’re scrambling to locate our phone and keys sounds pretty damn clever, right? 

How Does Dry Shampoo Work? Please Explain

To answer this question, it’s worth answering a couple of FAQs: what is dry shampoo, and how does it work? Typically, dry shampoo is a powder-like substance that you spray on your hair. The product contains a drying agent, usually, alcohol or starch, that is applied to the hair and scalp via an aerosol can and serves to soak up excess oil and grease. The result? It will give your hair a cleaner appearance – and probably make it smell pretty damn good, too. 

This Is Great Because…

Sometimes, we all need a helping hand. Lost on the way to meet the girls for dinner? That’s what Google maps are for. Going through a breakup/killer work day/running on 6 hours’ sleep? There’s chocolate for that. And, if you simply don’t have time to tend to your locks – or, access to a shower when you most need it – then similarly, dry shampoo is your saviour in a can. It can be oh-so-handy when you’ve got back-to-back flights, are in hospital and unable to shower (or have recently had a baby and, uh, somehow forgotten to for the last 2 days) – or just have a last-minute dinner date and need to spruce up in the work bathrooms beforehand. After a spritz, your hair will feel instantly fresher, smell lovelier, and you’re good to go. Yessss! 

The Other Great Thing

As well as living up to its namesake and making your hair feel cleaner without the use of water, dry shampoo is also mighty handy as a styling aid. The ingredients can serve to add texture and boost volume with just a few spritzes. Using dry shampoo in the days immediately following a salon visit can also do a mighty fine job of prolonging your blow-dry. Tick, tick!

But (and you knew there was a but coming, right?)…

Don’t Break Up With Your Regular Shampoo Yet

Now you’re all over what is dry shampoo, and how does it work, but remember: Just like multivitamins can work absolute wonders when it comes to your health and wellbeing, you still wouldn’t bin everything in your fridge and commit to living solely on those magical little capsules for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the same vein, the awesomeness that is dry shampoo still works best when consumed as part of a balanced ‘diet’ for your hair. So, hold onto your regular shampoo too, ladies.

Why? Consider this: while your regular ‘wet’ shampoo works to liquefy oils and dirt before you rinse those bad boys out under the shower, dry shampoo soaks up said debris – but then, er, where does it go? Yep, dry shampoo is incredible for a wash-and-style on the go, just don’t make it your only source of haircare. Your scalp still needs a regular, solid cleanse with traditional shampoo, followed by a good long rinse with some H20. So, incorporate both dry and traditional shampoo into your arsenal for a head that’s as happy as can be.

What To Look For When Buying Dry Shampoo

Now, it’s worth noting here that there’s dry shampoo, and there’s dry shampoo. Case in point: have you ever tried a cheapie from the chemist and ended up with a look that rivalled your Nanna’s? Yep, many dry shampoos are an unflattering shade of white and can have people wondering whether you’ve fallen head-first into a bucket of talcum powder. A better option? Choose a dry shampoo product (like, ahem, ours) that sprays on a more neutral, nude shade, which will be much less detectable on most hair colours.

And finally, just like you wouldn’t slather on face cream or regular shampoo that’s packed with nasties, our bet is that you’re not keen to do so when it comes to dry shampoo. So, pick a product that’s paraben and sulphate-free and formulated with natural goodness straight from Mother Nature herself, for hair that’s happy inside and out. 

Hey, girl! Bondi Boost’s Dry Shampoo + Styling Powder is free from parabens, sulphates, silicones and palm oils – and chock-a-block with natural goodies such as Bamboo + Arrowroot Powder (absorbs oils, adds volume), and Kaoline Clay (absorbs odours).

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