Is The Environment Ruining Your Hair?

Hands up if you feel like you’re doing ALL of the things to give your hair her best shot at a good hair day – from washing her regularly (but not too regularly), applying hair masks when she’s thirsty and even bringing out the silk pillowcases for her beauty sleep – but she’s still looking a little… meh

Now, we know you know that certain things (like too-hot tongs) are bad news for good hair days – but do you also consider the environmental factors that can wreak havoc on your crowning glory? Yep – from sun exposure to chlorine from your morning laps, certain parts of your day-to-day that you hadn’t even considered may be cramping her style.

So, while we’re definitely not suggesting you lock the doors and windows and bunker down at home with you, yourself and Netflix for the rest of 2019, it IS worth being aware of the environmental factors that may be negatively affecting your locks. That way? You can give her a little extra TLC when needed – and ensure she keeps bringing her A-game afterwards.

  1. UV exposure

Just like when it spends too much time spent baking under your curling tongs, your hair can be negatively affected by UV exposure after a long beach sesh. Yep, the exposure can stress out your strands, so be sure to protect your hair from the sun with a hat where possible. It’s also worth arming yourself with a leave-in conditioner or UV protectant spray. 

  1. Chlorine

It keeps your pool clean while you’re lolling about in there, but chlorine does the opposite to your hair – in fact, it can cause serious damage to the hair shaft, resulting in split ends and hair that’s brittle and dry. If you swim in chlorinated swimming pools, don a swimming cap – we know, it’s not the sexiest look – or at the very least, throw your hair up in a topknot and stay dry up top while you paddle.   

  1. Cigarette smoke

Reason #456 to stay away - research has actually shown that people who smoke experience significantly higher levels of hair loss than those who don’t. Need we say more?

  1. Air pollution

Did you know that pollution can also affect your hair growth? Yep, research by the University of London’s School of Medicine found that toxins and carcinogens in polluted air can actually interfere with the body’s protein-producing processes that promote hair growth. So? Well, if you live in a city, you can’t do much about exposure to air pollution (apart from, er, hibernating?) – but what you can do? Feed your hair all of the goodie-packed products that can kick-start growth and bring it back to optimal health, stat.

Psst! Spent too much time lolling on the beach last summer – and now worried you’re going to pay for it with an eternity of bad hair days?  A targeted intensive treatment such as our Growth Miracle Mask is your new best friend.

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