Key players in hair growth

Raise your hand if you’ve ever googled “how to grow my hair super fast?”

If you’ve just grimaced or quietly chuckled to yourself from behind the screen, you’re defiantly not alone. We think it’s pretty safe to assume that at some point in time, 99% of all females have desperately wished for mermaid-length hair and fast! 

If your previous googling efforts brought you back to square one, full 360 style, you’re in luck. Here at BondiBoost, we literally spend our days talking, thinking and doing all things related to hair growth. And since sharing is caring, we’ve jotted down our top tips for accelerated hair growth. Keep reading! 


1. Go sulphate-free
Before you jump in the shower to give those locks a good ol’ clean, have a little squizz at the back of your shampoo and conditioner bottles, where the ingredient list is. If your products contain sulphates, you could be jeopardising those hair growth efforts. 

Sulphates are used in hair products because they are a cheap ingredient to use that removes grime and dead skin cells from the scalp. HOWEVER, to do this, sulphates actually strip hair follicles dry of all the other essential nutrients that are vital for hair health and strength. 

By choosing a shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate-free, you’re still cleaning the dirt and dead cells from your scalp but continue to nourish the living hair cells. This is a super important factor to consider if you’re trying to get your hair to grow; as damaged, nutrient-deficient hair is less likely to regenerate and produce new hair cells.


2. Massage the scalp

You may be wondering how a simple head massage could help accelerate hair growth; seems pretty mundane, right? The science behind this sneaky tip all has to do with stimulating blood circulation. 

When the scalp is massaged, blood flow is increased. This increase in blood flow causes a knock-on effect whereby hair follicles are stimulated and prompted to grow as they now have an increase in oxygen (given to them through the blood). 


3. Eat the right types of food

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again. Just like a healthy body, hair health is 50% of products used, 50% diet. For recipes jam-packed with hair-loving ingredients, check out BondiBoost’s ‘The Healthy-haired Chef’ series, now on the BB blog. 

Some health professionals also claim that certain foods can promote blood circulation, helping overall hair growth (refer to above tip). Foods such as; cayenne pepper, pomegranate, chilli, onions, cinnamon, garlic, fatty fish, beets and turmeric have all been noted to increase general blood flow in the body. 


4. Always use a heat protectant

When styling hair with hot-tools, it is imperative to religiously apply heat protectant beforehand to minimise damage and breakage. Heat protectant adds an extra layer of protection between your strands and the extremely high temperatures let off by hot-tools. If not protected, burnt hair and split ends are almost guaranteed; these baddies definitely don’t warrant hair growth! 

Pssst! Not only can we dish out all the tips for accelerated hair growth, but we can provide the products too! Check out our sulphate-free Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner HERE. Seal cuticles and protect from heat-induced damage when using the BondiBoost Heat Protectant Spray before heat styling your hair next.

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