Why oil is good for hair growth!

Should you be adding oil to your hair? It’s a greasy question, we know! Whether you have dry hair, oily hair or combination hair, oil is essential in promoting strong, healthy and long locks. Here’s the low-down on what's up with all things oil and your hair. 

What are the best types of oils for your hair?

Coconut Oil:
It’s got a stellar reputation as a #superfood in the health industry, but this fragrant oil is also a wonderful product for your hair. Coconut Oil is jam-packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that your hair thrives on and needs to grow long & luscious.

Coconut oil is also unique in the way it mimics your hair's natural lipid structure. Because of this, it’s able to sink into the skin and penetrate your hair more than other oils. This aids in soothing dry scalps (a main cause of dandruff), whilst simultaneously adding moisture, lustre and shine.

Argan Oil:
Like most oils, argan oil is high in essential fatty acids and omega-3’s, all incredible for hair health and growth. Argan oil’s other hero factor is its extremely high percentage of vitamin A & E.

Vitamin E has been proven to aid capillary stimulation in the scalp. This increase in blood circulation is a key player when talking about hair growth. Plus it assists hair’s ability to withstand breakage and pesky split ends - what a legend!

Walnut Oil:
Walnut oil is a fantastic source of plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient is a Fairy Godmother to dry, sensitive scalps as the high-fat content soothes itchy and dry skin. If you have scalp conditions like eczema, dandruff or dermatitis, walnut oil could help soothe and restore moisture into your skin!

Castor Oil:
On a similar wavelength, high in Omega-3’s, castor oil is a godsend for dry, itchy scalps. What’s more, it contains high levels of ricinoleic acid, proven to increase blood circulation. This, in turn, stimulates the hair cells, promoting hair growth.

How do you use oil in your hair?
Hair treatments, that have a concentrated ingredient list with essential oils, are the perfect way to implement a healthy dose of oil into your hair care routine. If you are experiencing dry, damaged hair, these weekly treatments are a superb answer to combat frizz, add moisture and promote hair growth all at once! 

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