Living on the Fringe!

The BondiBoost team is #dying over the copious amount of fierce fringes currently coming out of Hollywood on our favourite celebs! From Selena Gomez to Miley Cyrus, La La Land’s A-listers are storming our IG feeds with salon-fresh bangs and it’s a TOTAL MOOD!

Keep reading as we dissect the BB team’s celeb fringe inspo you need to take to the salon ASAP and give the low down on our ‘top tips to know’ when taking the chop and caring for your new fringe!

1. Selena Gomez - Curtain, 70’s Bangs 

Selena is giving us all the feels with her new 70’s inspired bangs. Styled in a ‘curtain’ shape, Selena’s bangs are parted down the center and swept to each side. This frames her round face perfectly, adding style, class, and sophistication to her new look!

If you’re going for this style of fringe it’s important to keep the slick and poised nature of the fringe intact at all times!

To achieve the perfectly placed and parted bangs that Selena has, you’re going to need to whip out the heat tools! Straightening the pieces of hair in place with a slight flick outwards at the end is key to achieve this classy look.

We recommend using a heat protectant spray before applying heat to your fringe. This will protect, prevent damage & hydrate the thin, short strands of hair in your new bangs.

2. Miley Cyrus - Shag, Short Bangs

True to her country, rock origins, Miley Cyrus is absolutely slaying the hair game with her messy, choppy front ‘do’. Although Miley’s fringe may promote a carefree, messy vibe, it certainly doesn’t wake up that way! Sometimes this type of look is even harder to achieve than it’s perfect counterpart!

To achieve the scrunched, slight curl Miley has in her fringe we would opt for a Sea Salt Spray. This will remove excess moisture and allow for the tossed waves/ curls to stay in place and look #fresh all day long.


3. Taylor Swift - Traditional, Straight Fringe

Tay Tay, you #slay with that fringe girlfriend! Taylor is the OG when it comes to celebs who rock a great front fringe and we are totally here for it! Taylor’s fringe is simple and classic but trust us, it makes a huge statement! Straight and precise, Taylor’s fringe lets you know she is #boss, making her look powerful and confident.

The main thing to remember if you're in the market for a fringe like Taylor’s is that it can get dirty and greasy very easily. Because this type of fringe has the most hair directly in your face it often only looks ‘fresh’ on first-day hair. After that it’s overpowered with oil and grease, staying slick on your forehead.

To avoid this rather shiny situation, make sure to invest in a good quality dry shampoo. This will eliminate any oil or grease and keep that fringe free from sticking to your forehead.

Psst! If you can opt for a non-white formula too! (No one wants old lady fringe!)


4. Yara Shahidi - Curly, Natural Fringe

Curly hair ladies, don’t be shy of your bouncy, voluptuous locks, they too can still be styled in a perfect fringe! Just like our girl, Yara Shahidi, you too can boast serious #hairgoals with your new curly fringe.

In fact, this type of fringe is probably one of the most ‘low-maintenance’ types to keep looking salon fresh! Your curls do all the talking and add layers of personality and movement to your fringe!

The key to a curly fringe is to keep the curls themselves looking #fresh and defined at all times. Run a curl defining cream through your bangs when styling to give curls soft hold and definition.

So there you have it #boostbabes, everything you need to know when taking the plunge (or chop) and getting that fringe you’ve been lusting over for months! Now all you need to do is decide on which bang you're going to commit to and get down to your closest salon on the double!

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