Make this quarter mean something! How to: Maximise hair growth in three months!

Now we don’t know about you gals but for us at BB HQ, 2020 is off to a flying start! We are smashing those New Year resolutions, keeping organised and just slaying the hair game in general! Us Boosty’s are a friendly bunch and just love to sprinkle our hair knowledge around to anyone in need of some hair inspo. If one of your goals this year was to grow locks to a length even Rapunzel would envy you’re in luck! We have come up with a list of our top tips to maximise hair growth, with results noticeable in as little as three months! 

Tip one: Get creative in the kitchen

Ensuring your hair is receiving the best possible nutrients from your diet is a great way to aid in its overall health and ability to regenerate and grow. Plus, you’ll be ticking off those #newyearnewme goals by eating a nutrient-rich, healthy diet. Now that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone… can we hear a #hellyes! 

Make sure every meal has at least one source of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are your bodies preferred source of energy for growing and producing new cells (aka growing longer hair). Great sources of complex carbs at breakfast include oats, wholegrain cereals and bread, whilst lunch and dinner go-to’s can be found in foods like sweet potatoes, brown and wild rice, legumes, peas, quinoa and wholegrain pasta. 

Protein is another extremely important nutrient to make sure you’re including plenty of in your diet. Your hair is mainly made up of its own protein called Keratin. Keratin needs protein to continue to help reconstruct and strengthen hair strands, so eating enough protein ensures strong, healthy hair that is less likely to break (and thus aid in a long head of hair!) Get munching on the #proteintrain with foods like nuts, fish, eggs, tofu, legumes, lean meats and tempeh. 

Tip two: Get backed by science 

It’s time to transport yourself back to year 9 science class. “Snooze-town”, we hear you all groan. But don’t zone out yet, this is interesting stuff, we swear! You need to make sure the chemicals and ingredients in all your hair care products are formulated with ingredients that are scientifically proven to aid in stronger, healthier hair. This all contributes to making sure your hair is continually growing and not snapping off or breaking due to harmful chemicals. 

The biggest chemical to steer clear from when it comes to shampoo and conditioner is Sulphates. Sulphates are used in hair products because they are a cheap ingredient to use that removes grime and dead skin cells from the scalp. HOWEVER, to do this sulphates actually strip hair follicles dry of all the other important nutrients that are vital for hair health and strength. 

By choosing a shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate-free, you’re still cleaning the dirt and dead cells from your scalp but continue to nourish the living hair cells. This is a super important factor to consider if you’re trying to get your hair to grow as damaged, nutrient-deficient hair is less likely to regenerate and produce new hair cells.

Tip three: Show your hair some extra TLC with a hair masque 

We give you full permission to #treatyoself once a week and take a little extra time to pamper with a hair mask! Hair masks are a weekly treatment jam-packed full of nutritious oils designed to add an even bigger does of essential vitamins and nutrients to your hair. 

The best hair-masks have ingredients such as argan, coconut, castor, macadamia and Abyssinian oil which are all proven to help aid in hairs overall health and rejuvenation. 

So what do you say? Seems pretty straight forward! By eating a healthy, balanced and nutrient-rich diet, being savvy with your hair products and do a weekly hair mask, you’ll not only be slaying the game of life in general but also helping your hair grow longer! Follow this as a guide and in as little as three months you could be seeing some serious #hairgoal worthy results! 

Have any experience with the above tips and hair growth We’d love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section! 

Psst, need a little help with your new three-month plan? We’ve got just the thing for all tips mentioned (except diet, sorry babe, that one’s on you). Shop our sulphate-free HG Shampoo & Conditioner and Growth Miracle Mask on our online e-boutique HERE! 

Please note: Results vary from person to person and while we receive great feedback from many of our customers, we're not for everyone. This post is a guide only. The tips provided can aid in hair-growth but perhaps not for everyone as hair, like DNA, is different for everybody. If you’re experiencing an unusual amount of hair loss, shedding, balding, we recommend seeking medical advice.

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