Should you be showering in hot or cold water?

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than coming home after a long, tiresome day at work to a hot shower. You know the ones we’re talking about. Mirror fogged, shower pressure on full blast and all the stresses from the day metaphorically washed away with a soothing stream of hot water rippling down your spine.

Sounds pretty damn amazing, doesn’t it? Just wouldn’t have the same ring if we were to replace all ‘hot’ adjectives with their cold alternatives now would it? But all this shower talk got us thinking… should we be showering in cold or hot water?

Cold Water Cons

Let’s start with cold water cons. The first (and most prominent in our opinion), is that cold water is much more unpleasant to wash in as opposed to hot. We mean who honestly would prefer to stand in a stream of constant cold water? No one, that’s who!

The second downside to using cold water when showering is that it has the potential to reduce the volume of your hair. When follicles are cold, they retract and shrink. So if loss of volume is an issue, you may want to stay away from cold showers.

Cold Water Pros

The main advantage is that cold water prevents/minimises frizz from occurring in hair. Because cold water closes the hair cuticle, there is no chance for excess moisture to enter; the main cause of frizz.

A closed cuticle (pore) also leaves less of a chance for dirt and excessive oil to enter the scalp. Less grime = less need for frequent hair washing; a win-win for convenience and overall hair health.

Hot Water Cons

When washing hair in hot water, the cuticles of your strands are elevated. As a consequence, moisture leaves the strands quickly, a major factor when looking at porous and dry hair. An elevated cuticle also leads to excess frizz as the hair shaft is disturbed and roughed up.

Too much hot water will also strip strands clean of all its natural oils, moisture and hydration. This leads to follicles becoming more susceptible to breakage and losing strength in the long run.

Hot water Pros

However, just like your skin, hot water does open up the pores of your scalp. This is an essential step when trying to clean hair as a product needs to be able to enter the pore to remove dirt and grime.


So which is better; hot or cold water? You can see the predicament we’re in. Both sides have pros and cons to consider. On the one hand, you have cold water which, while being more unpleasant, combats frizz, locks in moisture and adds shine. Flip that and there’s hot water which has the potential to cause long term damage, however, is much more enjoyable and needed to open the scalp’s pores.

Our verdict? Shower in WARM water first. While still opening the scalp’s pores, you allow for grease to be removed from the follicles without stripping hair of its natural oils and nutrients (like hot water would). Finish off your shower with a quick blast of cold water. You’ll seal cuticles, prevent frizz and add shine without putting yourself through prolonged torture. Remember that you can also opt for cool water as opposed to cold if it’s easier to bear!

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