The ABC to Healthy Hair

Ever want to commence your hair health journey but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we totally understand that the internet can often be a complete battlefield of info with 101 opinions flying left right and centre. We’ve cut through the clutter and created the top three things you need to know, do and use when you embark on your new #hairgoal mission!

Find a high-quality Shampoo and Conditioner
This one sounds pretty obvious, right? Believe it or not, we are constantly amazed by how many people don’t actually understand the importance of investing in a high-quality, specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. The ingredients used in these products vary vastly and it’s important to understand what your putting on your head and how this all affects hair growth.

Cheaper, conventional haircare products are often pumped full of ‘filler’ ingredients like sulphates, parabens and silicones. This is because they are cheaper to produce and do actually work in removing dirt from the hair and providing shine (temporarily). However, this isn’t to say they don’t come with a cost (especially for your poor locks).

Silicone is similar to the compounds of rubber and/or plastic. Silicone is a common ingredient in conditioners as it gives the hair the illusion of shine (illusion being the keyword here). This is a ‘fake shine’ from its plastic-like compounds. Silicone also prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, preventing frizz. However, because of this, it’s also hard to wash out and builds up over time, weighing hair down, causing it to become limp and lifeless.

Parabens are another cheap ingredient to produce, popularly used in haircare products. They are an effective (but not beneficial) ingredient that removes grime and dead skin cells from the scalp. They work by striping the hair follicles dry of all other important nutrients that are vital for hair health and strength. So whilst they clean hair, in the beginning, over time they can cause the hair to become brittle, dry and damaged.

Investing in high-quality shampoo and conditioner, free from parabens & silicones, allows for hair to be cleaned, hydrated and moisturized without the devastating after-effects of their conventional, un-natural alternatives.

Protect before applying heat
We get it. When you are running late for that super important brunch date with the gals, applying heat protectant is often the last thing on your mind! Although we might be able to forgive you one or two times for this seemingly innocent decision, your hair certainly won't!

Heat protectant sprays are designed to cover strands in an active layer of extra protection from the heat let off from your hair tools. Without protection, your hair is completely exposed to hot pieces of metal 375+ degrees in temperature or more.

Imagine not wearing gloves and grabbing a tray straight out of the oven… that’s exactly what you’re doing to those poor locks of yours if you're not applying heat protectant - ouch!
So if you aren’t in the market for split-ends, frizzled and fried strands or burnt hair, always apply a heat protectant before heat styling!

Apply a weekly treatment
Hair treatments are jam-packed full of incredible ingredients to really #boostyourroots with a highly-concentrated amount of vitamins and nutrients. In particular, hair masks that are based around essential oils are intensely moisturizing and do wonders for scalp health.

Ensuring you maintain a hydrated, moisturized scalp is key in preventing head conditions such as dandruff + eczema, as the number one cause for both is dry, irritated skin. Plus it promotes a thick, healthy head of hair as strong strands grow from intact skin full of ‘follicle-loving’ vitamins and nutrients.

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