The Biggest Hair Mistake You’re Making Is Your Shower

Have you ever found that when you’re on holidays your hair will be the most tameable, smooth and luscious it’s been in months and once you’re back home it becomes limp and lifeless? The frustration is real when this happens and it can often be difficult to figure out the cause.

We often put it down to a change in diet and dealing with less stress but the main culprit could actually be your shower. Gasp we know, but it actually turns out that water that is too hard or too soft can wreak absolute havoc, even if you have the most luscious of manes.

What happens if I'm showering in hard water and what is it? Hard water is when water contains a high content of minerals particularly magnesium and calcium. The mineral deposits from the water build up on your hair, causing it to look flat and dull. Although not harmful to your health, it can cause the below havoc to your locks;

  • Hair feels brittle, dry and often weighed down.

  • Hair is often harder to style and manage.

    • Colour fades quicker, leading to more frequent salon visits.

    But don’t despair! There are a few easy tricks to help you combat these issues to get you on track to having perfect hair all year round;

    1. Wash less

    If you’re showering with hard water and are dealing with dreaded build-up it is best to avoid the temptation to wash it every day and instead wash it less so that it can keep some of its natural oils.

    2. Clarifying shampoo

    If your hair is feeling limp and has a film like texture, use a clarifying shampoo every so often to remove build up. 

    3. Use a leave-in treatment

    Add the Elixir Oil once a week to your hair care routine to combat dryness.

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