Time-saving hair hacks that will change your life

We’ve got 99 problems but our hair ain’t one! Well, not anymore; thanks to a set of sneaky hair-hacks up our sleeve. The BondiBoost team certainly know a thing or two about managing a #hectic timetable. From meetings, product development, a sneaky lunchtime pilates session and just ruling the Hair World in general, time definitely isn’t plentiful at BB HQ. One thing that’s never compromised is our hair and neither should yours! Follow these simple tricks to score a few extra mins and live stress-free with fabulous hair! 

1. 8:00 AM Breakfast meeting? This calls for Dry Shampoo!
Seriously though, if you’re in a time crunch, with hair that really should have been washed yesterday, dry shampoo can be an absolute life-saver! Dry shampoo works by key ingredients (usually alcohol or starch-based), soaking up excess oil and grease in the hair. This leaves hair appearing cleaner and fresher (with more volume), as it’s no longer weighed down by grease. 

Application is a breeze too! Simply spray powder directly onto hair along sectioned roots as needed. Wait a few minutes, then comb or tousle through. Hair that looks clean and fresh without a full wash + blow-dry? Sign us up! 

2. Be the Master of Disguise with a hair accessory (or two)! 
If you just don’t have time to spare in front of the mirror, heat styling those locks but still want show-stopping hair, look no further than hair accessories to brighten up your look and disguise un-styled hair. 

Super’ on-trend’ at the moment and plentifully available, hair accessories come in many forms; such as clips, headbands, scarfs, ties, hats and more! Basically, whatever ‘flavour of the day’ you’re feeling, there’s an accessory out there to suit you. 

3. Spritz the salt for wavy perfection
Need a freshen up for evening drinks with the gals but don’t have a spare second to go back home after work? Ladies, this is where a salt spray is a next level #lifesaver. 

Easily applied (tp dry or damp hair), spritz from root to tip, scrunch, and away you go with effortlessly chic, boho hair. Go get that cheeky espresso martini and live yo’ best life without worrying about time or tardiness.

Pssst! Have a sneaky #saltbae of your own, ready for a night on the town, with the BondiBoost Sea Salt Spray. 

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