Voice for the Voiceless. Go #crueltyfree

They’re totes adorbs, they melt our hearts and they’re absolutely NOT for testing! That’s right, we’re getting into a topic that all us here at BondiBoost HQ are trés passionate about… Animal Welfare in the Beauty Industry.

Take a seat, cause we’re about to spill some serious knowledge on ethical beauty and why it’s up to you to make the permanent switch to #crueltyfree.

Why are animals used in the Beauty Industry?

Testing on animals was introduced in the 1940s as a way to regulate the quality of products being produced in the Beauty Industry. After numerous amounts of serious injuries to consumers were reported from harmful ingredients, the Industry decided to use animals as a way to safeguard and test potentially harmful ingredient compositions before they reached consumers.

Testing on animals also allows beauty companies to determine whether new substances will cause an allergic reaction if applied to the skin, or whether they can cause irritation/ corrosion of the skin or eyes - yikes! Sounds painful!

What are they subjected to?

Just imagine your soul purpose of life was to have beauty products tested on your body. This includes chemicals poured on your skin, injected into your body, massaged into your eyes and stuffed up your nose. And just remember these products haven’t even been deemed ‘safe’ yet for use and the chances of becoming permanently hurt are extremely high. That’s what these poor, defenceless creatures are being subjected to day in, day out - #heartbreaking!

Not only this, animals are regularly burned, become addicted to the drugs used, forced to inhale toxic substances, subjected to maternal deprivation, blinded, burned, stapled, and infected with disease viruses (and this is only what we know!)

Is it necessary?

In short answer, NO. Not anymore. Technology and scientific knowledge have come a long way since the 1940s, and with that new, humane ways of testing beauty products have been invented.

These alternative tests are also more efficient and reliable than testing and include the use of human volunteers, cell and tissue cultures, synthetic membranes, statistics, scanning technologies, and computer models. See! We told you animal testing wasn’t necessary anymore!

How you can help:

The good news is that the answer is in our hands and is actually super simple!

We need your help and support to end animal cruelty and testing in the Beauty Industry. When purchasing your next beauty product, always check the label and only buy products marked cruelty free. 

Not only are you supporting companies who choose to ethically and responsibly produce their products, but you are also letting the companies who still use animal testing know that this isn’t what consumers want anymore! Eventually, if there are a plateau and decline in sales, they’ll recognize the need to change if they want to make a profit and switch to ethical, humane ways of testing their products.

The companies that don't test on animals are proud and will let you know! They'll either mark the packaging of their products with the universal symbol for Cruelty-Free Products, which is a 'bunny head', or they will have a disclaimer on their website. It's not hard to determine which companies are cruelty-free or not, you just have to do a little research! 

Pssst, all the BondiBoost products are 100% cruelty-free because testing on animals is seriously #notavibe. Shop our Hair Care range HERE and get fabulous hair with a bonus, clear conscious for free!

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