Have You Met Infrared Heat Technology Yet?

Have you heard about our brand-new styling tool, the Infrared Bounce Heated Round Brush? We’re pretty proud of it, and a major reason for that is how it effectively styles your strands with heaps less heat damage. That’s thanks to Infrared Heat Technology – but you might be wondering, what is Infrared Heat Technology? And how does it work on your hair when you’re styling?

Before And after with infrared brush

Infrared heat works differently from traditional forms of heat. Instead of heating hair from the outside, infrared heat styles from within. Here’s why that’s important.

Traditional styling uses external heat to put heaps of pressure on the hair cuticle (the outside shaft that protects the hair structure), leading to splits and breakage. It’s why you find your ends all fried when you’ve been styling over and over without using heat protection (naughty!), but without applying heaps of heat to the exterior of the hair cuticle, it’s hard to get the results you want. Because infrared heat styles from within, it’s less damaging.

Infrared Brush Claims

Want a bit deeper look into how it works? Our resident stylist, Remika, from Hair HQ Salon in Sydney, Australia, explains it. 

Traditional styling tools rely on direct heat to the outer surface of the hair to style. Infrared technology uses waves of light that penetrate the inner layers of the hair, heating the hair gently & evenly from within. Leaving the outer more exposed layers of the hair healthier and in better condition. ​

So, how does the infrared bounce brush help smooth and style the hair at the same time?​ It’s called ion technology! Ions are molecules that are either positively or negatively charged. Dry or damaged hair will have areas that are positively charged. In fact the dryer the hair, the more positively charged it is. Meaning the cuticle remains open and exposed. The BB Infrared Bounce Brush emits negative ions that will attach to the positive ions on the hair, and cancel them out. Leaving the cuticle flat and smooth with less frizz and fly aways. ​

Gentle heat also means you can style more frequently, yay! Use your Infrared Brush to style after a wash with dry hair, then restyle over and over, day in, day out. You can also use it to give yourself a lil’ root lift before leaving the house. 

Combined with our Ionic Technology, our Infrared Heat Technology also has heaps of other benefits. Together, they lock moisture into your strands, preventing frizz and helping to hold your style when it’s faced with elements like humidity. They also add megawatt shine for the bounciest, glossiest blow waves yet. Pretty cool, right?

Learn more about our fab new styling brush here.

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