Seasonal Haircare: What It Is, And How To Master It

Is it getting hot in here? As the weather heats up, you might be noticing that your hair is, well, misbehaving. Not in a fun, Spring Break kinda way. More in the having-a-complete-summer-meltdown sense. We’re talking frizz, dryness, flaky scalp, the works. Ugh! And you just sorted out that perfect hair routine through winter.

Welcome to the concept of Seasonal Haircare. Basically, your scalp and strands need different types of TLC as the weather heats up (or cools down). It’s partially a weather problem, partially a lifestyle one. Here are a few things that can seriously affect those hair goals as the weather warms up.


If you live in a humid climate, you’re probably well-versed on this one! Humidity is when the air holds more moisture than usual, so it’s kinda like sending your fresh blowout into a misty rain, lol. Humidity = frizz, and lots of it. You can fight it by keeping your hair super nourished with hydrating products and with plenty of style prep, like using our Frizz Fix Serum on damp hair and Prep and Protect Primer before styling. These will help seal the hair cuticle, locking in your style.

Sun Exposure

Just like your skin, your hair and strands can be affected by sun exposure. If you have any moles on your scalp, it’s important to get them checked when you get your skin check! From an overall scalp health POV, lots of time in the sun can mean a dry, flaky scalp, and damaged strands. Treat your scalp to nourishing Aloe-based products (ahem, all of the BondiBoost collection!) and a weekly mask, like our Heavenly Hydration Mask. For strands, our Heat Protect Spray will prevent heat damage caused by the sun. 

Frequent Swimming/Washing

Whether you love to swim in summer or just chill out in the shower a lot more, all that water exposure can bring on more snapped strands. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so try not to brush it – instead, use our Detangle Comb when applying conditioner, and pat dry with a towel (even better, use our Quickie Hair Turban, it’s sooo gentle and effective). Also! If you swim in chlorine a lot, wet hair before you hop in – it prevents the chlorinated water from soaking strands. 


Notice your hair getting dirtier, quicker during summer? This could be because you’re sweating more. Yep, you sweat on your scalp, and that can quickly lead to excess buildup which, if not cleared away, can lead to irritation. Thankfully, our Aloe-based formulas gently exfoliate the scalp, so all our products are helping you tackle this buildup! But if you need a little extra help, our Scalp Salt Scrub will clear away buildup with its lush whipped formula. Use it once a week and you’ll notice a huge difference!

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