Solving Your System: HG vs. Thickening Therapy

We know that here at Bondi Boost, we’ve got, like, a lot of great haircare systems on offer. Obviously, this is a great thing! But it can mean it’s hard to choose the right one for your needs. So for this week’s blog, we’re going deep on two of our most popular systems: HG and Thickening Therapy.

Q: Am I a HG babe or a Thickening Therapy babe?

A: While both HG and Thickening Therapy are great for anyone with brittle, thinning hair, HG is especially on point for anyone with hair that’s prone to breakage and just won’t seem to grow. Thickening Therapy is for all the babes after maximum volume with both instant and long-lasting results.

Q: What’s so great about HG?

A: We’re pretty proud of our OG system. It’s packed with hair-loving ingredients that strengthen the scalp and hair. Aloe Vera breaks down dead skin cells on the scalp, clearing the way for new hair to flourish. Saw Palmetto soothes and supports scalp health, and Rosemary Extract calms the scalp while also boosting elasticity and preventing breakage. 

Q: What’s so great about Thickening Therapy?

A: We love Aloe Vera here at Bondi Boost, so it’s also a hero ingredient in our Thickening Therapy system, too – because a healthy scalp means healthier hair. It’s also got Amaranth Seed Extract, which is packed with squalene and amino acids for hair strength, Pro Vitamin B5 to plump strands, making them look fuller and softer, and Biotin, which stimulates keratin production, preventing snapped broken strands. 

Q: What are results like?

A: Pret-ty impressive! 90% of HG users saw longer, fuller, thicker hair in just one month*. Meanwhile, Thickening Therapy is clinically proven to increase hair volume by 57% immediately after one use, and continues to increase volume throughout the day**!

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*Based on a 1-month consumer perception study with 30 participants

**Based on an in-vitro study with hair tresses using image analysis using Lab View™ v2014​

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