Effortless & Chic Holiday Hair Styling Ideas

Ready to unwrap the secret to easy holiday hairstyles? We’re here to help – no special trip to the salon or hours in front of the mirror required. Let’s dive right into the world of quick and captivating hair transformations with the help of our viral hot tools.  

The Holiday Angel: Heat Protectant 

Before any holiday heat styling magic unfolds, protect your strands up to 450°F/230°C heat* with our lightweight Heat Protect Spray! Clinically proven to improve split ends by 86% after 1 use**, this non-sticky mist bursts with potent actives to help improve the look of existing damage and prevent future hot tool-induced breakage.  

Heat Protect Spray

Now, onto the heat styling!  

The Breezy Brilliant Blowout 

With our Blowout Brush in hand, you’ll be ready for the holiday party in minutes! This 3-in-1 styling tool dries, styles and volumises in one simple step. Plus, it’s designed with ionic technology to reduce frizz and dual bristles that detangle and glide through your hair for a silky-smooth blowout every time. Use on wet or dry hair for full holiday tresses!  

Blowout Brush

Whimsical Waves of Wonder 

Conjure up beachy, boho waves in the blink of an eye with our best-selling Wave Wand. Its heated ceramic produces negatively charged ions that create frizz-free, mermaid-worthy locks. With its trio of barrels, this tool welcomes all hair types to a celebration of bouncy, soft and shiny holiday styles!  

Wave wand

Sleek Sophistication in a Flash  

Grace the holiday season with sleek styles using our innovative Airburst Styler. This lightweight, professional straightener features tiny air vents that emit a burst of cool air to immediately reduce heat and lock in your style for faster results while helping to seal the hair cuticle. We say N-O to seasonal styles that negatively impact your hair’s health!  


Curls that Captivate  

Let the Clever Curler be your co-conspirator in creating holiday party curls that captivate and bounce all night! Developed with infrared and ion technologies, this curler helps protect the hair against damage, increases shine and tames frizz. Plus, its 360° swivel cord allows for styling ease to create effortless salon-worthy curls from the comfort of your home.  

Clever Curler

Effortless Holiday Hair Ideas  

Now that your hair’s straightened, curled or blown out to perfection, here are some no-fuss styles (you can totally skip the heat, too – it's up to you!).  

  • Voluminous Curly High Pony 
  • Sleek High Pony 
  • Classic Topknot Bun 
  • Textured Low Bun 
  • French Braided Bun

Chic hairstyle

Do any of these styles tickle your fancy? We hope this inspires you to fill the holiday season with fabulous hair moments!  

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Heat Protect Spray Clinical Stats 

*Based on an in vitro study on hair tresses using a hair straightener at 450°F/230°C 

**Based on an in vitro study of bleached hair tresses 


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